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What is your aspiration in life? Many people will say to be happy or things that they perceive will make them happy, like money, fame or success. Why do people so eagerly reach for the American Dream? A chance to be free, prosperous and have the opportunity to dream and succeed. Who wouldn’t reach for that? It is in human nature to want to thrive, but how many of us think that our day to day lives are ideal? We expect more. We want bigger and better things and we want them now! Yes, we live in America but some how the great opportunities we thought would be at our finger tips pass us by or seem meaningless once achieved. Have we become so accustomed to the American Dream that it no longer seems special? 

Denim, like the American Dream, are quintessentially American. Jeans and denim apparel have been used for work, rebellion, fashion and everything in between. Though trends come and go denim is here for the long haul. It’s rugged texture encourages it’s wearers to work hard and move freely. Denim gives people the opportunity to be themselves, encourage customization and are offered in a variety of items and styles. However, like the American Dream, denim is commonly under appreciated. We have become familiar with it’s simplistic nature and are distracted by newer trends and are drawn to fast exciting fashion. Denim is often regarded as durable and unremarkable. It has lost its wonder to the American people. 

The truth is no matter how special something is if we are accustomed to it, our awe starts to fade. Something exceptional becomes ordinary. The great news is that it is only our perception of these things that has changed and made them seem more conventional. The American Dream and denim are as extraordinary now as they were at their inception. All it takes is a little creativity and a refreshing point of view to rediscover and reestablish the role and importance of both in ones life.

A variety of denim: Victoria Beckham, Revice Venus Crops, Balenciaga jackets, J Brand jumpsuit and Stella McCartney star jeans.

A variety of denim: Victoria Beckham, Revice Venus Crops, Balenciaga jackets, J Brand jumpsuit and Stella McCartney star jeans.

Note From The Creator: Though it’s sad to say, today’s article will be our last. This whole journey (which we can’t believe has been a year already) has been one filled with lots of growth, and though growth is exciting, it is rarely comfortable. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing every article and have put all of my energy into each idea, word and image. I have learned that life doesn’t always go according to plan and that that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When I started this I didn’t have an end date in mind but with life continually vying for my attention the time has come in which I can not see a way to successfully juggle both anymore. This isn’t the death of The Stylician merely a chance for new growth and new opportunities. Though we will no longer be posting anything feel free to browse the archives and read an article or two when you have the Monday blues.